There has been a surge in fake tech support calls recently.

You may get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Apple, Microsoft, or Google, claiming there is something wrong with your computer.

Often they use scare words like “You’re being Hacked” or “You have a Virus Infection” to make themselves sound legitimate.

They Are Lying!

Typically, the ask for remote access to your computer to fix the problem.  They may even try and show you a screen and say it proves you are being hacked.

Don’t Believe Them!

Once they get into your computer, they can root around and find your passwords, banking credentials, credit card data, and more.

Then, they often will offer you a service contract to keep you clean, often at an outrageous price, typically $300 or more.

Don’t let them into your computer.

Don’t give them any credit card number.

Just hang up.

Be careful when using a web search for a company phone number.

Many fake tech support companies buy search results for Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc.

The search results are almost never the real company.

Go directly to the company web site, and look for a Contact, or Help button.

Most companies use the address pattern “”.  Try that first!

If you ever feel uncomfortable, just hang up.

You an always call us for real help!


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