There’s another malicious phishing e-mail going around again.

This one is an invitation to a Google Docs, which is actually a malicous program that can access all your Google G-mail, contacts, documents, etc.

Google has taken steps to diable the malicious program, but if you have already clicked on the link, you will need to remove it from your Google account.

  • Go to your Google account’s page ( where you can manage the permissions you’ve granted to apps (or go through the whole Google Security Checkup).
  • Then locate the “Google Doc” app. This looks totally legitimate, but it’s actually not. If that’s the malicious app that’s gotten access to your account after you clicked on the link. It should have a recent “Authorization Time.”
  • Now, click on that Google Docs app and click “Remove”.

Google connected devices setting

The bottom line is, as always, don’t open links in e-mail, especially if you aren’t expecting one.  You never know if they are real or not.  Even if it claims to come from someone you know, the sender can be fake.

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