Sonos has recently updated their Application and products to allow for integration with Amazon’s Alexa. This now lets you control your Sonos speakers by simply asking Alexa to play a song/playlist/station on a speaker.

The content below is from the Sonos support site and can be found in its entirety here

What is Amazon Alexa?
Amazon Alexa is the easy-to-use voice service from Amazon that allows you to control your music, get the weather, traffic reports, control your smart home, and much more. All with your voice. Use any Amazon Alexa enabled device to control your Sonos system with your voice. Just ask Alexa to play your favorite tunes and enjoy the music from your Sonos speakers.

Where is Amazon Alexa available?
Amazon Alexa is currently available in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

What do I need to use Alexa with my Sonos?

  1. An Internet connection / WiFi router
  2. Sonos system running the latest update
  3. Alexa enabled device

How do I control Sonos from Alexa?
Follow the steps below to connect your Amazon Alexa to your Sonos system:

Which music services can I use with Alexa?
Music services need to be added to both Sonos and the Alexa app. The following services are currently supported:

  • Amazon Music
  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • TuneIn Radio
  • SiriusXM

What commands can I use with Sonos?
Use your Amazon Alexa devices as you normally do, just say the name of the Sonos room you want to play the music through when instructing Alexa to play music. For example;

  • Alexa, play Blondie in the bedroom.
  • Alexa, play Lorde in the living room.
  • Alexa, turn the volume up in the bathroom.

Any non-music related commands will still play over your Alexa device (weather, traffic, flash briefs, etc). For a list of commands you can use with Sonos check our article: Controlling your Sonos with Amazon Alexa

If you experience issues using Alexa with Sonos, please see our troubleshooting article for additional help.

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