Biggest News:
AppleCare+ now provides unlimited Incidents!!

AppleCare+ now provides unlimited accidental incidents on covered devices. Doing away with the two incidents per 12-month limit.
This means you can break your iPhone screen five times in one year and still only pay $29 per repair. You can spill coffee on your laptop thrice in one semester and still only pay $299 per repair. Your dog can use your iPad Pro as a chew toy as often as they want, and it’s still only going to be $49 to replace it each time. We don’t advise doing any of the above actions, nor do we don’t suggest using your iPad as a chew toy. But we are here to perform your AppleCare+ service when the unexpected happens.

Big News:
iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro now available for order

We’ll buy back your old iPhone

This past Wednesday (9/7) Apple unveiled their new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14.

Key Highlights:
• No more iPhone mini model
• New iPhone 14 and 14 Pro purchases come with 2 years of complimentary Satellite SOS service. Yes, even if you don’t have cell service or Wi‑Fi, iPhone 14 lets you text emergency services over a satellite connection.
• iPhone 14 Pro has a new “Dynamic Island” or camera hole replacing the infamous iPhone X “Notch”
• iPhone 14 now comes in a Plus size model, replacing the mini.
• iPhone 14 can detect a severe car crash, then call 911 and notify your emergency contacts.
• The camera has improved, and the speed has improved.

Note: We don’t stock the iPhone but we will order them from Apple on your behalf if you’d like us to.

Other Highlights

Apple Watch Series 8 now has a temperature sensor for improved women’s reproductive health monitoring, international roaming on cellular models, car crash detection and emergency calling, and Low Power mode for up to 36 hours of battery life.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen.) is now starting at $249 (previously $279) and now features international roaming on cellular models, car crash detection and emergency calling and up to 20% faster than the previous SE model.

Apple Watch Ultra features a rugged titanium case, dual frequency GPS for enhanced precision, up to 36 hours of normal battery life (60 hours on low power), bigger brighter display, a third “Action” button, 86 decibel siren to attract help from 600 feet away, Depth Gauge for real-time depth measurements up to 40 meters along with water temperatures and reading.

Note: We don’t typically stock the Apple Watch but we can order them from Apple on your behalf if you’d like us to.

AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) now featuring improved Find My functionality with a speaker on the case to help you find exactly where your AirPods Pro are in the couch, improved audio quality, improved noise cancellation, and the ability to wirelessly charge on both Qi wireless chargers and the Apple Watch charger.

iOS 16 Now Available for iPhone 8 and later

Please make sure you complete a backup before you update your iPhone!

• New redesigned customizable Lock Screen
• Improvements to Focus
• iCloud Shared Photo Library
• Edit iMessages up to 15 minutes after sending and unsend any message up to 2 minutes after sending
• Mail app now allows you to schedule emails, unsend an email a few moments after sending it
• Improved Dictation which keeps the keyboard open while you dictate so you can switch between voice and touch more efficiently.
• Maps now supports multiple stops along a route
• Redesigned Home app to make controlling your home even easier
• Health app can now help manage, track and understand the medicine that you take in Medications. You can also share your Health app information with friends, family, or caregivers.
• You can now use the Fitness app on iPhone without an Apple Watch,
• Accessibility features like door and signage detection within Magnifier, Live Captions for FaceTime Video calls, and any calls or content on your iPhone, control your Apple Watch using your iPhone

There’s a lot more little features and improvements in iOS 16. We will be making some YouTube How To videos over the coming weeks to months to demonstrate some of the new features. Let us know what you’re most excited about with iOS 16 and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be first to see the new videos!

Watch OS 9 Now Available for Watch Series 4 and later paired with iPhone 8 or later with iOS 16

• More metrics and visualizations for Workouts
• New watch faces
• Redesigned Compass app
• Medications app to manage your medications list, create schedules, and learn more about your medications, including interactions that could cause issues – all from the Health app on iPhone. You can also receive reminders and log your medications from iPhone or Apple Watch.
• Improved sleep monitoring with Sleep stages
• AFib History for those diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, the Watch can track lifestyle factors that may affect your condition
• Improved Fitness+ experience and trainer-initiated metrics.
• Improved Family Setup
• Redesigned Calendar and Reminders apps.
• Low Power Mode to extend battery life during typical use when your iPhone is present.

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