Item Specifications:
Input : AC 100-120V 50-60Hz
Output:DC 19.5V-6.15A 120W
Output Tips: 7.4mm*5.0mm

Note:Please make sure the DC output & tip size are accordant before you buy.

Replacement P/N:
PA-1121-52HH PA-1121-62HB 730982-001 740243-001 645156-001 HSTNN-CA25 HSTNN-LA25 644699-001 644699-003 645156-001 677762-002

Compatible Model:
HP Envy DV4
dv4-5300 dv4-5300 CTO dv4-5302tx dv4-5303tx dv4-5304tx dv4-5305tx dv4-5306tx dv4-5307tx dv4-5309tx dv4-5311tx dv4-5312tx

HP Envy DV6
dv6-7300 dv6-7300 CTO dv6-7300eo dv6-7300sa dv6-7300sp dv6-7301ax dv6-7301tx dv6-7302ax dv6-7302so dv6-7303ax dv6-7304tx
dv6-7305tx dv6-7307tx dv6-7308tx dv6-7309tx dv6-7311tx dv6-7312tx dv6-7313tx dv6-7315tx dv6-7350er dv6-7350sw dv6-7351er dv6-7380la dv6-7352er
dv6-7360sw dv6-7363cl dv6-7370sf dv6-7380el

Hp Envy V7
dv7-7227nr dv7-7234nr dv7-7233nr dv7-7212nr dv7-7259nr dv7-7228nr dv7-7292nr dv7-7259nr dv7-7214nr dv7-7238nr dv7-7247cl
dv7-7278ca dv7-7270ca dv7-7255dx dv7-7398ca dv7-7373ca dv7-7333cl dv7-7220us dv7-7230us dv7-7240us dv7-7250us dv7-7223cl dv7-7310dx dv7-7227cl
dv7-7243cl dv7-7316sg dv7-7330eg dv7-7300 dv7-7300sg dv7-7300sp dv7-7300ss dv7-7300sw dv7-7301so dv7-7302sg dv7-7302tx
dv7-7303tx dv7-7304eg dv7-7304sg dv7-7305eo dv7-7323cl dv7-7332ea dv7-7334ea dv7-7335ea dv7-7350eb dv7-7350er dv7-7350ew dv7-7350sb dv7-7350sw
dv7-7351er dv7-7352er dv7-7353er dv7-7354er dv7-7355er dv7-7360sf dv7-7380eb dv7-7385eg dv7-7390eb dv7-7390ef dv7-7390el dv7-7391sf dv7-7399el

Additional information

Weight1.25 lbs


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