Belkin Laptop and HDTV cleaning kit


  • Extra-large, scratch-free microfiber cloth
  • High-quality total cleaning solution
  • Specially developed to safely clean laptop screens
  • An extra-large, scratch-free microfiber clothHigh quality total cleaning solution for your laptopSpecially developed to safely clean your laptop screenAlcohol and residue free cleaning solution ensures no damage and wipes up the display completely clean


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Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit

Safely clean your laptop or notebook computer with the Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit. Specially developed to clean displays without causing damage, this kit includes an alcohol-free cleaning solution that is gentle on screens and leaves behind no residue.

It also includes an extra-large microfiber cloth that wipes your display completely clean without scratching or scuffing.

What’s in the Box:

  • Alcohol-free cleaning solution
  • Extra-large microfiber cloth

Alcohol-Free Cleaning Solution Leaves No Residue

The Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit features a bottle of alcohol-free cleaning solution that effectively cleans dirt, dust, fingerprints, and other blemishes from your screen. The cleaner comes in a compact spray bottle that makes application easy.

Microfiber Cloth Ensures Safe Cleaning

Made from durable, fine microfiber, the included cloth wipes your screen completely clean without scuffing or scratching. The extra-large cloth offers plenty of surface area for quick and thorough cleaning.

Quick, Easy Cleaning

The Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit is easy to use: simply spray a moderate amount of the cleaner on the microfiber cloth, and then gradually work the cloth across your screen in a circular motion.

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