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Bluelounge Pixi – Multi-purpose cable ties (Small)


Pixi is a reusable multi-purpose tie to bundle or secure anything under the sun.

Designed to tie up cables, small accessories, bread or chip bags and more.

Pack of 4 includes 2 Orange and 2 Blue ties.

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Compatible with anything that needs to be bundled or secured, size permitting.


Elastic, plastic and metal


Recommend for a wide range of projects, anywhere you would traditionally use a zip tie.


Option 1: Wrap the bungee around the object you want to secure. Holding the button in place, take the bungee slack and pull tight to trap it in locking channel. If needed, tighten by pulling the slack through the channel.

Option 2: Simply loop the bungee end around the object you want to secure, bring the tail through the loop – just under the button fastner – and pull back to trap the bungee slack in the channel that runs the length of the button.

To release, pull the slack to thin the bungee and free it from the locking channel.

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Blue, Orange


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