US Layout for MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2020)

Protect your keyboard from spills, stains, grease, crumbs, and more with this ultra-thin keyboard protector.


Enjoy accurate typing
100% form-fitted for unparalleled tactile feedback and highly transparent to allow backlighting to pass through.


Use less, use longer
Made from non-toxic engineering-grade urethane, ClearGuard is fully washable and can be used over and over. Simply rinse with water to remove stains and debris.


Invisible design
At 0.1 mm thin, ClearGuard is five times slimmer than a traditional keyboard protector and designed to be ‘thinvisible’ so you hardly notice it’s there.


Washable and reusable
Wash and reuse ClearGuard for as long as you have your computer.


0.1 mm thin
Five times slimmer than a traditional silicone keyboard protector.

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