Nikonos Underwater Camera with Carrying Bag

The Nikonos was intended for underwater or all-weather work, it was water pressure-resistant to depths up to 50 m. The Nikonos was a development of the Calypso introduced in 1961 by Spirotechnique, Nikon acquired production and sales rights to the Calypso in 1962.

Two standard lenses were available – f2.5 35 mm W Nikkor and f3.5 28 mm U-W Nikkor. The U-W lens was for use only underwater and had a biconvex front glass to correct distortion and chromatic aberration in water, the 35 mm lens had a flat front glass.

The two knobs on the lens are for focusing and aperture control, as the aperture is altered the depth-of-field is shown against the focusing scale. The aperture scale is non-uniform.

Accessories included a flash gun, frame finder and close-up kit. The price was £106/15/8. The Nikonos II was introduced in 1968.

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Chinese Yuan

28500 CNY = $4397.20 USD

Lens: f2.5, 35 mm W-Nikkor, iris diaphragm to f16. Interchangeable bayonet mount. Serial no. 206264 .

Shutter: Vertically running focal plane, speeds 1/30 – 1/500, B. Self-capping.

Construction: Metal body.

Format: 36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35mm film held in cassette.

Focusing: To 2.75 feet.

Attributes: Direct-vision (lens/lens) brightline finder with parallax markings.

Serial Number: 920862

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