Stay hands-free and fully charged on the road with Energee Auto Vol 2 from Prodigee.
This car mount is designed with the latest in advanced automatic 15W fast wireless charging to maximize convenience and charging power while on the road.
Energee Auto Vol 2 holds your device firmly in place while charging without messy cables. Automatic clamping feature – press the button on either side and the “robotic” arms will automatically open. Just slide your phone into the phone holder and the arms will automatically close to secure the device and begin to charge instantly. To release your phone just touch the buttons on the sides to open the arm. The built-in feature allows you to reopen the arms up to 2-3 times even when car is turned off. 3 Mounting option – Energee Auto Vol 2 can be installed on the vehicle’s dashboard or wind shield with the included suction cup base or on the air vent with the air vent clip. Each option can be rotated a full 360° to allow for customized viewing experience. The strong suction cup base with sticky gel keeps the mount securely on the dashboard or wind shield firmly in place.

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