The fastest growing fear among mobile professionals today is laptop theft – help protect your laptop with the Targus DEFCON 1 Ultra. You can now relax in airports, restaurants, and other public places with the DEFCON 1 on guard. This system combines a stainless steel cable, motion sensor technology, and a 95dB alarm to create a combination locking alarm system that easily attaches to your laptop or carrying case in any setting.
The DEFCON 1 Ultra features a four-digit re-settable combination lock with up to 10,000 unique combinations. A second level of security is provided by the high decibel alarm that is triggered if the cable is severed or the motion sensor is activated. So now security can be simple!

Exterior Dimensions:
4.81″ x 2.2″ x 1.25″

5.9 oz (with batteries installed)

Battery Life:
Continuous use (lock connected, alarm “off”)
Alkaline battery = 5 months
Retractable Stainless Steel Cable:0.09in (2.4 mm) diameter; 3 feet (0.9 meter) length

Motion Sensor: high and low sensitivity modes; triggered when device is moved; if motion continues for 4 seconds, alarm will sound for 40 seconds, device then resets to “armed” status
Combination Lock: re-settable to one of 10,000 unique combinations
Electronic Alarm: loud, 95db alarm siren activated when lock is engaged; alarm sounds when cable is severed and when motion sensor is armed and triggered; alarm is deactivated when combination lock is released


Date First Available October 16, 2006

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