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Built for the road well travelled, FastMac’s TruePower Auto/Air AC adapter has solid connections, sturdy cords and a rugged exterior, features that enhance durability & reliability. Compact & light weight, with a 5-foot extension and a power indicator light, it’s everything you need to power up wherever and whenever you want. Get one for your car and also use it on the plane. Paired with an Extended Life TruePower battery, you’ll never run out of power.

Available For

  • iBook G3/G4
  • PowerBook G4 (All Models)


  • 65 Watts
  • Built-in Surge & Heat Protection
  • 5-Foot Reach
  • LED indicator
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Input AC 11-15VDC
  • Output: 24V 3A — T3A


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