Vintage: PocketDock – Firewire – iPod

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The essential PocketDock connects your iPod’s docking port to a standard FireWire cable. Now you can connect anywhere!

On the road, need to charge the battery or exchange files? Forgot the bulky docking cable? Just carry a PocketDock and you’ll never miss a connection again!

Tiny, light – indispensable!

  • Connect the iPod’s dock connector with a standard 6-pin FireWire cable. Works with Mac and PC.
  • Utilize existing accessories for the previous-model iPod with FireWire, such as a car charger.
  • Small enough to fit in your wallet. Weighs less than 0.3 oz/8 g.
  • Its beautiful design is a perfect match for the iPod.

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The PocketDock FireWire is an indispensable add-on for the iPod, Apple’s sensational and wildly successful MP3 player. The tiny PocketDock FireWire lets you connect the new iPod’s docking port to a standard 6-pin FireWire cable, thus delivering on the iPod’s promise of freedom and independence.

When you’re on the road with your iPod, listening to your favorite hits, you may unexpectedly want to connect to another Mac or PC — to exchange files, or maybe just to charge the iPod’s battery. When you need it most, you’ll probably find that you didn’t bring the special iPod docking cable — it’s at home connected to your computer.

Tiny, light — indispensable! The PocketDock is the elegant, simple solution to this common problem. Its beautiful design is a perfect match for the new iPod, and it fits in your wallet.

Utilize existing accessoriesIf you already bought accessories for the previous-model iPod, such as a car charger, the PocketDock will let you use them with the latest model.

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