iOS 10 is out and with it comes an all new Lock Screen. For iPhone 6s/6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus models the lock screen utilizes 3D Touch to greater capacity but for the iPhone models that came before 3D Touch and the faster Touch ID 2 it causes a little extra delay when trying to unlock your phone. Having to click the home button twice to unlock the phone is going to be a new habit that we can learn or if you just want it back to the old way there is a way to do that.

So if you have updated to iOS 10 and want your phone to unlock like it used to with Touch ID then follow these 7 easy steps to enable “Rest Finger to Open”.

How to turn off “Press home to unlock” in iOS 10

  1. Open Settings from Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down to General
  3. Tap on General
  4. Tap on Accessibility
  5. Scroll down to the Interaction subsection
  6. Tap on Home Button
  7. Toggle Rest Finger to Open to show Green

Option 2:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll Up
  3. Tap into the search and search for “Home Button
  4. Tap the top search result
  5. Toggle Rest Finger to Open to Green

Now that you have activated the Rest Finger to Open feature you can unlock your device like you used to by pressing the home button to wake it and keeping it there to unlock it. Sometimes though it may not unlock just from resting your finger on the home button and you may have to click the home button again to unlock it.

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